A Tale of Two Cupcakes

Pink icing cupcake“Why is she eating that?”

It’s a question I’m asking myself. Yet it comes not from my lips, but from those of a stranger. A four year old stranger. Some background info: it’s approximately 11 am on a cool, blustery Thursday. The location on the calendar dictates it should be of a milder climate, yet here we are, jacket clad, on the playground.

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Wednesday Wander: Coole Park Review

Nestled in the rolling Connaught countryside, roughly 40 kilometres from Galway is Coole Park. It’s a handy halfway point for us on our drives down to Limerick, but we’ve only recently started to take advantage of it’s startling beauty.

Coole Park is a nature reserve of approximately 1,000 acres, located a few miles west of Gort, County Galway, Ireland. The park was formerly the estate of the Gregory family and was built in the late 18th century.

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If Fussy Eating Was an Olympic Sport

In case you may have missed it, the world’s fastest man, the aptly named Usain Bolt, has hung up his winged boots for good. This led to a flurry of Bolt related tweets in my timeline this week, celebrating the man’s epic achievements. In the midst of the awe inspiring displays of human anatomy and cheeky celebrations, this one image caught my eye.

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TGF Friday #1

We’re starting a new photo series here on the blog called TGF Friday or Thank God For Friday. It gives us a chance to take pause and think what we’re thankful for at the end of the week. This week myself and the minis are thankful for sunny days and wonderful playgrounds to play in. What are you thankful for this week?

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A Love Letter to the Galway Arts Festival

I adore Galway at this time of year, or festival season as we locals call it. I know if might seem to outsiders as if every time of the year is festival season in Galway but July is when it really kicks off here. Starting with the Film Fleadh and ending with the Galway Races (which is something of a nadir for us-think insane levels of drunken yobbery pissing on windows in front of horrified diners and all sorts of Sodom and Gomorrah type delights. Sandwiched in between the sublime and the ridiculous is the glorious Galway Arts Festival.

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First Mainstream School Year-A Report

Apple on top of books on teacher's desk8 months ago to the day, I sat at our kitchen table in a state of despair. Schoolbooks, pencils, colours and copies piled all around me. Their intended user was in the playroom with her sister concerning herself with everything but the items she was supposed to be using. I was trying to rev myself up for the umpteenth time but my mental reserve was running dry.  Not for the first time, I contemplated doing the homework myself and wondered how we would get through this first mainstream school year. It had all seemed so easy the previous year when Mini had skipped off to pre-school. Now I was wondering would mainstream big school be a step too far.

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Pregnancy-10 Things I’ve Learned

Silhouette of pregnant womanIs it me or are there a lot of pregnant ladies out there? I seem to be bumping into bumps everywhere I go. It’s made me remember what it’s like to carry a child to term. Pregnancy is a crazy time. It’s a beautiful, amazing, journey your body will take if you are lucky but it’s a bat shit crazy time all the same. Even the premise is nuts-you’re a human being who is growing another human being inside them-yeah try explaining that to a 2 year old!

Here are a list of things I learned( some the hard way!) about being pregnant that would never have occured to me in my nulliparous days.

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