5 Feisty Female Led Netflix Shows

As the mother of two small girls, I love shows that promote strong female characters. Here’s a quick round up of shows that do just that on Netflix.

1. Brave

Merida is such a fantastic role model for all those girls out there who aren’t content with playing the princess. She’s a tomboy who loves hunting, shooting arrows and having fun. She struggles with the task thrust upon her to become the princess her mother and the kingdom expect her to be. At the heart of this story is a lovely mother daughter narrative that we never got to see in all the other disney films where the mothers were notably absent.

2. Lilo and Stitch

Lilo is a headstrong little girl who knows her mind. She doesn’t get along with the other girls-she’s quirky and unique, not a carbon copy of a nice little girl.Life is all about the edges of acceptance until a crazy little alien becomes involved. The film is also great in that we see real women of all shapes including Lilos sister,who has more curves than your usual stick figure Disney princesses.

3. Powderpuff girls

Fun,feisty and smart.I love these girls and the non stop action is a pure tonic.

4. Ferngully

Crysta is a fantastic heroine-unapologetic, headstrong and full of smarts,she holds true to her ideals in the face of impending doom from the humans.

5. Dora the Explorer

Dora leads the way, is clever, engaging and knows the benefits of a well stocked bag!She’s like a modern day Mary Poppins.Just don’t let her ask you a question…awkward!

Disclaimer-I am a member of the Netflix stream team and received a free years subscription to Netflix in exchange for monthly updates on the programmes available.All opinions remain my own honest ones.

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  1. Great list but I have to say I hate that Dora with a passion! There’s a great line in Sons of Anarchy (another great programme on Netflix – said with the usual disclaimer that we are stream team-mates!) where Jax’s mother refers to another woman (of a certain profession) as ‘Dora the Whora’. Entirely inappropriate of course but now that’s all I hear when the annoying cartoon character appears. Hehehehe Netflix themed revenge

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