A mother by any other name

Sometimes it happens with a child with Down syndrome that it will seem like they are not progressing further in acquiring new language or motor skills for ages,that they are stuck at a certain point.It can even feel as if they are going backwards in their development. We’re at one of those backward slides at the minute. Mini has fallen back on screaming to make her wants known.Ill be honest it’s very frustrating for me as until recently she was using her signs very well and the words were starting to really come close to what they should be sounding like.

This is of course just a phase and one that should end with a whole new leapfrogging into a new plane of development. This phase has also brought with it some interesting language changes.Papa is still Papa, and Mini Mini is still baybee or sometimes even Eh-weeze but for some reason,I am now Bawboh. The glorious “mamma” that I had waited over two years to hear has disappeared. And like with every incorrect pronounciation your child makes,you acknowledge you have understood what they are trying to say and then correct them. The daily exchange over this new word with Mini goes a little something like this-

“Yes here I am sweetie, Mama.”
Me getting slightly exasperated-“Mama!Mama!”
Mini (voice growing louder) “Bawboh!Bawboh!”
Me tapping my chest,”mama!”
Mini thumping her chest “Bawboh!Bawboh!Bawboh!” before finally collapsing on the floor in giggles, shaking her head.
I feel as though on some level she’s screwing with me but for now I have no option but to answer to this and for this year’s Mothers Day, I shall be “Bawboh”. Of course coming from Mini it’s super charming and sweet and in a world full of mammas,I least for now,I am unique.
What cute names did your little ones have for you before they mastered the all important “mamma” and “dada”?

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4 thoughts on “A mother by any other name

  1. Where did she get Bawboh from I wonder?
    My 3.5 year old still only calls me Mama, he refuses to say Mammy, but talks about “Ella's Mammy” but says that my name is Mama. My 5 year old dropped Mammy pretty quickly in favour of Mam, and neither used Daddy for long at all, straight to Dad. As for little miss, at not yet 10 months she's screeching “AMAMAMAMAMAMA” at me, the lads made me wait considerably longer!
    Love the slightly renamed blog 🙂

  2. Well all of her favourite things start with “b”-“bobol” for bottle, “bubbol” for bubbles, “baball” for a ball so maybe she's decided I am also one of her favourite things and has modified my name accordingly!

  3. That is SO cute! I would quite like Grace to find other names for me! She never really did call me anything else but one thing that did shock me when she was about 2 years old was that she called 'baggy breeches'!! I have no clue where she got that from. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

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