Beneffito and Land: Motivational Board Game Review

Sometimes I feel like I have the most ill-disciplined kids. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this but it doesn’t make it any less stressful when my two darling daughters kick off. There are battles to get dressed in the mornings, battles over their desire to watch TV for hours on end and perhaps the most hateful of all, battles over what food they choose to put in their mouths! I am constantly on the look out for any weapons that I can add to my parenting arsenal to try to tip the scales in my favour. I was delighted to get the chance then to review Beneffito and Land, a motivational board game from Plukkido, designed to provide creative solutions to solve all-day issues in families with young children (recommended ages 2-7) by harnessing their imagination.

The creators of the game, hard-working parents themselves, describe Benefito and Land as something to “encourage parents to practice an interesting and respectful communication children can understand”. It’s all about positive reinforcements. The game comes with a tree board, 4 elf avatars and 32 decorative pieces. It’s a simple and sweet premise. Each child picks an elf avatar that represents themselves. When they behave well, they get to move the elf up the tree. When the elf reaches the top of the tree, the child is rewarded by the parents. There are other pieces that can be used to entice the child to behave well-really letting their imagination soar. Mini loves the balloons so we place them on near the top of the tree so she will have more incentive to eat better at mealtimes and stop fighting with her sister!


What’s great about this lovely game, is that it’s so visual-it appeals to even small kids. Mini who is a very visual creature has taken to it very well and even if she doesn’t behave the way we ask her to, we can still use the game as a method of slowing things down and creating a nice, calming breathing space. This is something that has benefited both minis and mum!

Mini Mini getting to move up her “elfee-doo”

The minis were both drawn to the colours and the cute little elf drawings. Mini Mini was so taken by them in fact that she took all four elves (or elfee-doos as she calls them) and had a tea party for them!Maybe it was her way of introducing them to their new home. Mini loved the elves and was very keen on the game itself initially but has since lost interest. We do still use the game some days mainly around mealtimes, which continue to be a huge struggle for us.

Both the pieces and the board are made of high quality material and the fact that they are all magnetic means you’ll always have some place to prominently display it in the kitchen, which if you’re anything like us, is the hub of our house.

I really liked the social aspect to the game. Both myself and the Frenchman chose avatars too so the kids can see that good behaviour is also for adults! It’s a lovely idea and one that we can see the girls use more as they grow older. You can find out more about the game including how to purchase it here.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the board game for review purposes. I was not paid for the review and all opinions remain my own.


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