Picture This

Talking.It’s something that many of us take for granted. Babies acquire gurgling sounds which transition into more coherent structures of vowels and consonants before becoming recognisable words and phrases. Thus communication in its most advanced form is born. We use language countless times  every day and we expect others to do the same ,otherwise communication breaks down and

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Mini chatterboxes

The minis are getting a lot more vocal of late. Mini Mini is building quite the vocabulary. Every day brings more words, in both French and English. Did everyone know they could do this? The babies.Just talking away, repeating everything you say. It’s amazing. I am actually blown away by it all. Ok, obviously, I know

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Mini sister bliss

Another week, another awful story in the news concerning a family who have been torn apart by a diagnosis of Down syndrome. I made the mistake of commenting on a high profile case concerning a similar case last year, so I won’t be commenting on this story. For starters,it’s none of my business. I don’t

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Mini normality

Sometimes I feel as if I’m caught between two voices writing this blog. My primary goal is to show that life with Down syndrome can be as “normal” as any that of any family’s. Yes, Mini is approaching the big 0-4 and not so much of an inkling of a tinkling in the toilet in sight.

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Mini pedestal?

I’m emotionally spent trying to keep up with the flood of videos in my timelines. They all proclaim to highlight positive stories of kids and adults with Down syndrome like here’s a video of a kid with Down syndrome playing the violin!Here’s one who has just been crowned prom queen!Here’s one eating a sandwich!!!!Ok so I

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