Mini Positivity

So yesterday Mini had her Little Owls group for toddlers between the ages of 12 and 24 months where the kids benefit from Speech & Language Therapy through songs, puppets and toys in the local Early Intervention Centre. There was tea and coffee afterwards for the parents while the nurses and therapists looked after the

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Mini Inspiration

Having a child with Down Syndrome brings both light and darkness into your day.Light because now there is this amazing little creature full of love and curiosity and a sense of fun and adventure.Darkness because now the future for this child, which you probably had mapped out in your head while pregnant, even though you

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Down Syndrome World Awareness Day

An online petition to help get March 21st recognised by the UN as World Down Syndrome Day which should raise awareness and confront stereotypes. March 21st is the day thats been chosen to signify 3 occurences of the 21st chromosome which diagnoses Down Syndrome.