Mini decisions

Myself and the Frenchman are not the most decisive of people. It takes us ages to make decisions of any kind,big or small. What to eat for dinner is always sure to cause some stress as we traipse up and down the supermarket aisles pondering our mealtime choices. We have yet to commit to buying

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Mini graduate

We have a graduate in the house!Ok, so it’s a bit ridiculous to call her a graduate but it’s just a bit of fun at the end of the day. Last week Mini donned her imaginary robes and cap and graduated from her Little Owls Speech and Language group along with five other little girls,

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Mini (pre) school goer

This week amidst the tumultuous changing of the guard for Mini Mini-out with the old (breast), in with the new (bottle), there were also changes for her big sister. Mini started a trial at a nearby Steiner preschool. Our hope is that she will be going there for five mornings a week starting this September.I’ve always loved

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Mini Perception Issues

One thing I will never be in this world,and something I’m mildly interested in,if only for the free flights!-is an air traffic controller.For that you need a fairly decent level of depth perception.This is something I sorely lack as the many scraps and bumps on my car will attest to,I have immense trouble with judging

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Mini Progress

Mini has finally had her psychological assessment.It was supposed to happen shortly after she turned two but with cutbacks and staff shortages it was pushed out.Then with the arrival of a new sibling,it was decided to give her a bit of breathing space and time to adapt to this big life change. So it happened

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