Running Mum

This September I’m running a half marathon. For the craic. Well actually cos a friend is celebrating his 40th down in Dingle this year and he invited us along for the party. For those of you who haven’t yet experienced the magic that hangs on every droplet of moisture in the wild Dingle air, I advise

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Mini Runner

Running. It’s not something that comes naturally to me. Let’s be clear. I don’t run. And if I do it kinda resembles something like Phoebe from Friends, except with more sweat. A lot more sweat.And tears. Both mine and no doubt those of the people watching the spectacle of me huffing and puffing along with

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Mini Progress

Mini has finally had her psychological assessment.It was supposed to happen shortly after she turned two but with cutbacks and staff shortages it was pushed out.Then with the arrival of a new sibling,it was decided to give her a bit of breathing space and time to adapt to this big life change. So it happened

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Mini Fun & Games

If Mini could, she would walk from sunrise to sunset, only stopping occasionally to say hello!Bye! to every passing soul. We have to keep the front door locked, or she’d be out in a flash and rest assured no matter where we are-indoor play centre, doctor’s waiting room or hairdresser’s salon, she will have identified

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Mini bunny hops

It was a really lovely week this Easter. My parents came up to us in Galway,the sun shone for the whole weekend-an unprecedented event at this time of year!There was the food festival and a friend finally came home from Canada after nearly two years away. It was Mini’s first year getting the concept of

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