A Love Letter to the Galway Arts Festival

I adore Galway at this time of year, or festival season as we locals call it. I know if might seem to outsiders as if every time of the year is festival season in Galway but July is when it really kicks off here. Starting with the Film Fleadh and ending with the Galway RacesRead more

Superhero child’s birthday party at home

Does the notion of planning a child’s birthday party at home strike you with terror? It was Mini’s 6th birthday party recently. We had decided we’d do it at home. We have the space and she gets a real kick when people call to the house so it seemed like a natural choice. Except of course, having toRead more

Christmas 2015-mini blessings

What can I tell you about Christmas 2015? I could talk all about how amazing it was to have it in our very own house for the first time. I could wax lyrical about how well behaved everyone was,both small and large members of the family, and how it was the first Christmas since circaRead more

Mini Entertainer

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month. It’s also the month which sees the fantastic Baboro Children’s Festival take place here in Galway. This is the first year since 2011 that I haven’t been working at the festival and the first time in two years that Mini hasn’t been its (unofficial) poster child but it’s still something we greatly enjoy. We haveRead more