Medical Card Breakthrough for Children with Disabilities

In a week of horrendous cover ups and massive let downs, there’s been a chink of light in the form of  a medical card breakthrough for kids with disabilities. This is  a massive achievement for their families who have been campaigning for years to secure medical cards for their children. This week, the Government has announced that the Bill to provide children

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Mini words

Mini turned the big 0-2 at the weekend. By the reckoning of the sometimes humorous, always informative emails from Babycentre, she should have approximately 50-75 words in her burgeoning vocabulary. Of course this is the time line for the development of a “normal” toddler. Mini understands certain commands but doesn’t have anywhere close to that

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Mini no mates

Mini was invited to a birthday party at the weekend. It was a joyous event with many little kids running all over the place, there to celebrate the 2nd birthday of a beaming little girl. It’s not something that Mini gets to experience on a regular basis. Not many of my friends have children and

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What's in a name?

Mini has a double barrelled name. It doesn’t make her posh but it does mean that in the future, she will need a slightly longer space to fill out her surname on forms. Papa was against this dual appellation. He, being male, had wanted his surname alone to extend to his daughter. Most family members

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