Medical Card Breakthrough for Children with Disabilities

In a week of horrendous cover ups and massive let downs, there’s been a chink of light in the form of  a medical card breakthrough for kids with disabilities. This is  a massive achievement for their families who have been campaigning for years to secure medical cards for their children. This week, the Government has announced that the Bill to provide children

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Minis and Mum Loves

This is our new regular slot where we celebrate companies, shops and services for their inclusive nature regarding those with disabilities. If you have any you would like to see featured, please drop us a line. This week, Minis and Mum love the Omniplex Cinemas Group who have announced they will be screening weekly subtitled films for

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Picture This

Talking.It’s something that many of us take for granted. Babies acquire gurgling sounds which transition into more coherent structures of vowels and consonants before becoming recognisable words and phrases. Thus communication in its most advanced form is born. We use language countless times  every day and we expect others to do the same ,otherwise communication breaks down and

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Mini pedestal?

I’m emotionally spent trying to keep up with the flood of videos in my timelines. They all proclaim to highlight positive stories of kids and adults with Down syndrome like here’s a video of a kid with Down syndrome playing the violin!Here’s one who has just been crowned prom queen!Here’s one eating a sandwich!!!!Ok so I

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Mini doo-dah

This is probably something every parent of kids with special needs already knows about but there is something I recently learned that has made a whole world of difference to our daily outings. I noticed a few weeks ago that Mini loves to rub things on her palm-twigs and leaves mostly.It distracts her,calms her down and

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