Superhero child’s birthday party at home

Does the notion of planning a child’s birthday party at home strike you with terror? It was Mini’s 6th birthday party recently. We had decided we’d do it at home. We have the space and she gets a real kick when people call to the house so it seemed like a natural choice. Except of course, having toRead more

Mini doo-dah

This is probably something every parent of kids with special needs already knows about but there is something I recently learned that has made a whole world of difference to our daily outings. I noticed a few weeks ago that Mini loves to rub things on her palm-twigs and leaves mostly.It distracts her,calms her down andRead more

Mini disagreements on toddler discipline strategy

Ding dong!Round 787 commences.I stand with my back to the wall, eyeballing my tiny competitor. In the red corner an angry toddler,in the blue corner a withered mummy.
the toddler bellows,red in the face,pointing at the object of her desire-the washing machine and it’s tempting array of buttons to press and muck about with. ButRead more

Mini Flyer

So last week was Mini’s first trip on an airplane and seeing as how we are set to be inhabiting this little island on the edge of the Atlantic for some years to come, we wanted to make sure it was as much of a pleasant experience as possible for her so she wouldn’t comeRead more