How could I possibly be expected to handle bed on a night like this?

Sleeping and small children. It can be a real minefield. On the one side you have parents exhausted from the day’s working outside and inside the house facing off against tiny time dictators who will let you know exactly how they feel about any impending plans for sleep. I’ve written before about how Mini loves sleep.And how she started sleeping the night from about two months old. And how we were smug faced parents full of pity for the poor bastards other parents whose offspring were still (gasp!) waking during the night. Then we had her sister and that wiped the smugness from our faces fairly lively.

Mini Mini’s nocturnal activities are a whole different state of affairs. She runs a military campaign of the utmost precision and planning, constantly fighting against bedtime.

Here are just some of her tactics in the Battle of the Sommeil.

There’s the “distract the parent by being a goofball.”

There’s the always popular “no way!” 

There’s the “lull the parent into a false sense of security by getting into bedtime routine-nightdress, brush teeth and then ignore said parent”.

Who can forget the old “Hungreeee” chestnut?

photo 3

  And the “pre-emptive rejection of bed”.

There’s the really sneaky “fall asleep anywhere but her actual bed than roar the house down when she’s moved upstairs.”

photo 2photo 1

Finally there’s the “fall asleep in her favourite place in the world-Mammy and Papa’s bed and refuse to leave”.

photo 5

photo 2-2

She really does love that one and that’s the place she’ll stay most nights! The reality is that her own bed doesn’t get a look in!

But the real trick isn’t a trick at all. She doesn’t need to employ any bed stalling tactics.

The fact is she’s my youngest, my baby and there’s a good chance she’ll be the last baby in the house. So she gets to do pretty much exactly what she damn well pleases including getting to dictate her own bedtime and place. And that’s not going to change any time soon!!

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