Ireland vs France

So, I have been priding myself on having a baby who appears to be happy eating everything-avocados, mangoes, raspberries, courgettes, broccoli, cauliflower-a never ending rainbow of nutritious, vitamin laden foods. It seems that this is no longer the case, however, and her refusal of one particular vegetable is causing some consternation in our household.
What has Mini cocked her little snout up at? Why none other than the staple food of the Irish people for centuries (and the no1 comfort food in my book) the humble spud.Papa is taking this as proof that his little fille is 100% French which has upset Mammy somewhat. Obviously, she is a child of two countries, and I’m not the most patriotic person ever, but this is grating on me somewhat. I guess because the potato is still, for me at least, a real symbol of Irishness. They say that more and more Irish households are rejecting it as the preferred starch for family dinners and opting for pasta or rice instead but there’s a historical link to the potato that will never be broken in my opinion.
Now there’s always been a healthy competition between Papa & myself, as regards our nationalities, which reaches a yearly peak somewhere around February/March time with the 6 Nations. Since Mini’s birth, this rivalry has been amped up by one burning question, which has led to some heated debates (especially over a glass or two of vin!) 
Is she more Irish than French or is it a case of La France, douze points,L’Irlande nulle points?
Don’t get me wrong, Mini could do worse than take on a few French attributes-their ability to enjoy sunlight without near spontaneous human combustion, their handsomeness-on the whole, they would be a better looking bunch than us Celts, I think you’d agree and their ability to seemingly eat all around them while remaining slim and almost gazelle like (seriously, how do they do it??I’ve been to family functions in France where we’ve stayed at the dinner table for 7 hours!!) but to wholeheartedly reject the potato, in all it’s many glorious forms-we’ve tried mashed, chip, waffle but she ain’t biting- is quite frankly a bit depressing. Does this deep down, make her a French baby first and if so, why does this bother me so much?
People say Mini looks like her father, and they always follow this with an apology to me. It’s bizarre to think this would bother me, but truthfully, it does! I guess it’s cos you can’t help but want to see something of yourself in your offspring. It’s vain but true.
But for now, it’s a case of time will tell as to which nationality (read parent!) will win out. She was born on Paddy’s Day, so to me it should really be a slam dunk, spuds or no-she will always be Irish first and she has an Irish passport to prove it! Meanwhile, Papa is working on his contacts in the French embassy, trying to secure a French I.D. card for his petite mademoiselle. Game on!

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