Ireland’s Best Drives-Caherlistrane to Killary Harbour

Small child sitting in boot of car before drive

Chill Insurance recently got in touch wanting to know about my favourite drives. They wanted to know about the hidden gems, the hotspots, the places I love to drive to. In this little country of ours, we’re blessed with gorgeous landscapes, which makes for fantastic drives. Much has been made of the Wild Atlantic Way with news that Hollywood actor, Matt Damon is on the look-out for a lighthouse he can buy just so he can be close to it.

It’s not just coastal drives,however, that are a high point on this lush island of ours. Last weekend, myself and the Frenchman got a rare 24 hours away from being Mama and Papa. We had no plans made, except for a night away from the kids. The day was gorgeous so we decided to hop in the car and head for what I consider to be the most beautiful scenic drive in Ireland-the N59 from Galway to Killary Harbour, Ireland’s only fjord.

Maam to Maam Cross

The scenery was just breathtaking and we thoroughly enjoyed our drive, which was made all the better due to the lack of whining mini voices emanating from the back seat. No “are we there yets” or squabbling to referee! Something to bear in mind,however, if you find yourselves on these same roads is that as you’re in the wilderness of Connemara, petrol stations are few and far between. Especially on a Sunday. As a result, we took the scenic route-Cong to Maam to Maam Cross to Recess and finally onto Killary Harbour. It added an extra hour to our journey but how could you be put out with stunning surroundings like this?

Recess to Killary Harbour

At times, it was just us and the open road as the car snaked through sleepy villages, looming mountains and still lakes. Traffic jams consisted of the four-legged woolly kind. Time slowed down and we drank it all in, knowing that the next day we’d be back to having to keep to another’s schedule-that of a pint-sized dictator.

A misty Killary Harbour
Waiting for the sheep traffic jam to clear.

Have you any favourite driving spots in Ireland? I’d love to hear about them, especially as we’re planning a staycation this year!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Chill Insurance.

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