Just being there.

Yesterday I was tired and not feeling the best mentally.You know those days when to be polite to strangers would take a lot of effort and a trip to the playground with two little monkeys is just a step too far.But I still had to entertain my energetic ladies.I feel as if my generation has a burden to make sure children are being suitably stimulated on a daily basis. Add to this I feel under pressure to make sure Mini is getting enough speech and language and physio therapy every day.It doesn’t have to be for hours a day,a few minutes here and there work wonders but it’s just the scheduling of said minutes.

Sometimes all I want to do is just flop on the bed.Yesterday was just such a day. So I forgot about what I thought we should be doing and I remembered some parenting advice I had learned from a Disney film or perhaps an internet meme-just be there for your kids.So yesterday I was just that-I was there for my kids.We spent time tickling,giggling and messing about with the phone/camera.  And we found some funny hats to mess around with. Cos it seemed like the day for funny hats. And some funny hairstyles.

Just being there for my kids.It was nice. i’m going to try it again sometime because as I was recently reminded by a fellow blogger my kids won’t be small forever. 







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  1. Love the blog! You’re children are absolutely beautiful and an absolute credit to you! Glad to see you are getting on well! My own little boy is 4months now and all go! He’s getting very curious and hates sleeping during the day in case he misses out on anything!! Will continue to follow you and yours online xxxxx
    Mary Brick

    1. Hi Mary!thanks so much.Wow,your little fellah is 4 months already!Hes just like Mini Mini-she won’t sleep during the day either!

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