King John’s Castle Limerick Review

One perk to being unemployed for the summer is I get to have days off with the Frenchman. Which means days off for the whole family which means family days out! Last week we headed down to Limerick to visit King John’s Castle.

Mini-Mini in the courtyard of King John's Castle
Mini-Mini is obsessed with the castle and as we pass it every time we visit Granny, she has me plagued to go see it. I saw that Groupon were running a great deal for discounted tickets so off to the castle we went!

Medley of images from King John's Castle
I really think it’s the most fun the minis have had at a site. The visitor centre itself is very interactive. Mini loved being able to pull out the drawers and touch everyday medieval items such as clothing, utensils and money. Both girls loved the ‘siege’ tunnel and playing the cannon game. There were costumes to be tried on, and even a bow and arrow to fire under careful supervision from the ‘soldiers’.

For the adults and older kids, it’s very well mapped out with a clear timeline from the castle’s inception in the early 13th century right through to modern times. Educational and fun are the two words I’d use to describe our trip!

Mini investigating the drawers in King John's Castle

Mini on the tower in King John’s Castle.

The girls loved exploring every inch of the castle from tower above to foundations below. Mini-Mini in particular was really keen to get to ‘the very top’. From there, we enjoyed panoramic views over Limerick city and beyond.

King John’s Castle is open seven days a week between 9:30-16:30. Free parking is located just across the road. The castle offers great value for money for the whole family. We spent just over an hour there but we flew through it so with older kids, you can expect to get at least a few hours entertainment. Adult tickets cost just €10.50 and kids tickets are only €6.30 online.  The Groupon deal is still active and allows you to buy adult tickets for just €6 and kids tickets for €3.50. Little ones under 6 are free!

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