Living Like A Local While Travelling Like A Tourist

Travelling is high on the agenda for those who want to live the high life before settling down. It’s way up there on mine! I still have plans to get to 40 countries before I’m 40. There’s a great big world to see out there and a lot of time for you to see it. There are only two questions you need to ask yourself when you are planning a travelling adventure: where are you going and how are you paying for it?

Deciding where to go in the world is going to depend on your budget, so you have to decide what you have to spend first. Once you’ve determined your budget – whether by personal savings or by personal loan companies – you need to then sit down and decide where is the most important place for you to visit and why. The thing is, when you choose your locations you’re choosing based on the tourist traps. Everyone wants to see the pyramids in Egypt and the Leaning Tower in Pisa, and there’s no use travelling to those countries where you could miss those sights. So, how can you live like a local while travelling like a tourist?

Break Away From Chains. When you choose to book your trip through a named holiday company, you’re often stuck with the large chain hotels and boutiques. The trick to living like a local is to behave like one. Go to Airbnb and rent an apartment or a cottage for the length of your stay, off the beaten tourist traps. Instead of concierges pandering to you, you’ll have locals to talk to who know the area in a way that others don’t.

Visit Differently. Most people head for the hottest months and the popular times of year for festivals and carnivals when travelling abroad. There’s a good reason: most of the tourist spots shut down out of season. If you choose to bridge your holiday when the season is shutting down, you’ll get to experience those main attractions first, then experience the local cafes and behaviours when the attractions are at their quietest.

Go It Alone. If you want to truly experience an authentic break, leave the tour groups behind. It’s nice to book a touring holiday, sure, but if you are going it alone you can explore the back streets and cobbled paths off the town high streets. Wherever you go, you could hire a translator to travel with you along with a car and really get into the locality.

Say No To Convention. The Eiffel Tower may be a sight to see, but sometimes, you just have to say no! Head to a small café instead for café au lait and croissants. Take a wander along the Seine and explore a local bookshop.

It’s lovely to go abroad and see all the popular sights, and there will be bucket list items that you are desperate to see. You should make a provision to visit those sights at some point, but you need to live like a local and hop the buses that aren’t on the main tourist routes. That way, you can really immerse yourself in a new culture.


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