Mini Born This Way

These past few weeks have not been easy as I returned to full time work and the axis of our little family’s world shifted dramatically. There have been more and more sleepless nights from the smaller members of the clan and more and more pondering from the older members on what is the correct solution for all of us,whatever that magic formula may be!

It’s been during these long working days when I’ve been separated from my babies that I’ve wondered how life could be easier for us,because at the end of the day we re all trying to make our own lives as easy as possible aren’t we?

And the thought has crept back into my mind,that life may might have been that bit easier if Mini didn’t have Down syndrome. That way I wouldn’t worry about not having the time to keep up with her daily speech and language and physio exercises. I wouldn’t have to be stressing over where she goes to pre school in September and what kind of assistance (if any) she will receive. I wouldn’t feel the pressure to return to a stressful job in order to secure a mortgage for a house to make sure she has somewhere to live no matter what her future brings.

But then an evening like this evening occurs,where I ve come downstairs having struggled to put Mini Mini to bed to find her older sister at the table surrounded by adults hanging on her every word. The Frenchman’s family are over visiting so we have a lot of extra house guests this week,which means a much bigger audience than usual for Mini. And oh how she loves the attention!

When I arrived in the kitchen,she was midway through her rendition of “Wheels on the Bus” complete with enthusiastic signs and melodious singing. I was informed by one of her tatas (aunties) that Mini had already performed all of the French chansons in her repertoire and was now onto the English ones.

I watched the entire table of adults enraptured by her singing and actions. You could only make out a few of the words but when they tumbled forth from her lips,they were met with cheers and whoops and every recited piece was showered with praise. She held the whole room captive and she did so with effortless charm and grace.

It reminded me of the song I picked for Mini just after she was born-Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and it’s lyrics
I’m beautiful in my way cos God makes no mistakes

I don’t believe in God but I also don’t believe that Down syndrome is a mistake-something I only believe in because of the amazing person my daughter is becoming.

She is exactly who she is supposed to be,extra chromosome or not and we are so much the richer for having her in our lives exactly as she is.


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  1. I love this post Aedín. I think things are harder for you guys balancing Mini’s extra classes and appointments but you do it all do your girl has the best of everything. Imagining her there lapping up the attention and the love, I’d say your hard work pays dividends and she thrives as a result x

  2. What a beautiful post, I hope your sleep returns and the new routine starts to feel more familiar very soon…it’s always hard when big changes happen. Your girls are truly blessed to have you, as are you to have them. I spoke with a mother of 4 recently who mentioned that one of her children attended a specialist school, she said “they tell me that he has special needs but I tell them that all children have special needs and all children are different’ I thought it was a lovely perspective on things xx

  3. Absolutely spot on post Aedin. Our kids are just who they should be and don’t worry so much about the therapies and extra input. I found Natty was feeling like a ‘project’ at around this age and eased off… for all our benefits. Your family will find its pattern. Much love and thank you for joining #TeamT21 linky. H x

  4. Gorgeous post Aedin. Hope the sandman gives you a bit of breather sometime soon. The tiredness is a killer. If I knew the answer to how to help you out with that bit, I’d be a billionaire! Big hugs to you xxxxxx

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