Mini breakthrough

You know those ideas that come to you on an idle Wednesday afternoon? The ones that appear out of nowhere with a bang, crash, wallop and make you sit up, drop your cup of tea all over yourself in excitement? The ones that also make you wonder how on earth have I not realised this before?

For over 3 long years now, we have struggled night, noon and morning to get decent food stuffs into our eldest daughter. Basically, if it ain’t white, she don’t wanna know about it-pasta, rice, waffles, chips in all their plain, stodgy glory are all she goes for at the dinner table. Her one saving grace is she loves fruit.

Well today, Mini ate kale, spinach, celery, avocado and carrot. No word of a lie. Well, perhaps, ‘ate’ is the wrong word. Consumed would be more accurate. ‘Drank’ even more so. The magic solution? It’s been staring us in the face all this time. Or rather pleading with us silently from the back of the cupboard-our blender, the kitchen implement that hasn’t gotten so many outings since the babies came along (previously it was dubbed our Cocktail Maker).

I was shopping at the swanky new Aldi in Knocknacarra yesterday (it has an automated system that tells you when new tills are open!!) and I came across a juicer pack, containing one orange, one apple, one stick of celery, one carrot, one avocado and a bunch of kale. I excitedly showed off my purchase to the Frenchman over the breakfast table this morning. He was unimpressed, stating we’d need a juicer in order to produce, well juice. I was confused, gesturing to the cupboard.

What about the one we have gathering dust over there??

That’s when he looked at me and explained in a voice he normally reserves for the minis that what we had was a blender, NOT a juicer. I still didn’t really understand the difference, until everything went into the blender and came out looking rather chunky, not so smooth. I added some orange juice to the mix but still needed to strain the remaining gunk in order to extricate as much juice as possible. I’m reliably told a Nutri Bullet will help to get us more juice. And more juice means more healthy stuff going into the minis!!

So I’m off now to spend my hard earned cash on one of these babies. This morning just earned us a big, fat, parenting yesssssssss! And it feels good!!


Ha ha-you’re drinking vegetables!!!!




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    1. There’s no stopping me now!They ll be having all kinds of seeds and new veg in their diet now and there’s nothing they can do about it!Muwhah ha ha!!

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