Mini celebrations and First Steps

Two big things happened over the last few days and both caught me completely by surprise. The first is that the blog has made it to the finalists in the Parenting Category of the Irish Blog Awards. I made it to the finalists in 2012 but was only nominated last year and to make it through nominations, short list and then to the finalists when there are so many amazing Irish blogs out there this year really blew me away. A lot of my fellow Irish Parenting Bloggers are there with me so I’m in great company. In the Parenting category, I’ll be competing against some truly outstanding blogs including  Bumbles of Rice, Little Messers House Mind the Baby,, Dairy Free Kids ,Learner Mama, and Put the Kettle on,-all penned by fantastic writers with their own unique take on the ultimate survival course that is parenting. Thank you so much to all who nominated me, the judges and the organisers-fingers and toes and everything crossed, it will be a win for Minis and Mum but if not, it still promises to be a fun night out at the awards ceremony on October 4th. Now all I have to do is source a babysitter, something proving even more difficult than usual unfortunately.

The other big thing that snuck up on me completely is also something to celebrate. Last week the 3rd birthday of my blog passed by without me even noticing. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for so long, much like the fact that I can’t believe my eldest daughter is already 3 and 1/2 years old! So many blogs begin with the best of intentions, only to fall by the wayside a few months after, consigned to a footnote in cyber history so I feel lucky to have managed to keep going for all this time. There have been occasions when I’ve been very close to quitting, but a kind word of encouragement from a friend or a lovely comment from a stranger have enabled me to keep going.

I’ve decided to host a linky commemorating this wee milestone by reposting the very first blog post I wrote. It’s a short one and I notice it ends on something of a lie. Due to the self-belief tango that is parenting-not trusting myself or my choices, taking two steps forward but three steps back, doing a full 180 on decisions, backtracking, ducking, diving and weaving my way through life as a mother-there have definitely been times when I have looked back and questioned was I strong enough to raise a child with special needs. 3 and a half years later, however, and my thoughts are faced firmly towards the future and I’m excited to see where Mini, and her sister, will take us next on this journey of discovery. Parenting was never part of my plan but I truly cannot imagine life without either of them!

Please link up your very first blog post. I’d love to see the beginnings of all the fabulous blogs I follow. Grab the First Steps badge and let other people know about it on Twitter or Facebook under #firststeps. Happy linking and reading!
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0 thoughts on “Mini celebrations and First Steps

  1. I thought about giving up a few times, but it’s always been other bloggers who’ve encouraged me to continue. Great idea for a link up. I’ll be back with it tomorrow!
    I really hope you get a babysitter for awards night! 🙂

  2. Mine is a bit of a fudge because it’s not the very first post I ever wrote; it’s the earliest post that still resides on my blog. At some stage I did a bit of cleaning up and may have deleted a couple that I didn’t think should make it to the more public light of day… but it’s short, so that’s helpful. And it’s from Verrrrry Long Ago…

    1. Oh god,don’t ask me!Barely managed to get one up and running.Apparently they re easier to do on blogger and self hosted wordpress.Thats my excuse anyway!

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