Mini chancer

Mini’s hearing has always been a concern of mine. Childrens’ ear canals tend to be narrower compared to adults’ ones and those of children with Down syndrome tend to be narrower still. We found out at a check up that Mini’s little canals are very,very narrow indeed. So narrow in fact,that when the surgeon was operating on her to install her grommets,he had to use the smallest ones available an even then had a battle on his hands to squeeze them in. Grommets are little tubes that are put there to drain fluid and wax that builds up naturally and block sound from reaching the inner ear. They are very common in kids,not just those with Down syndrome. Mini scores very low on her hearing tests before she got them and since their insertion over a year ago,she’s passed every subsequent hearing test with flying colours. But still,I worry and wonder about her hearing. Deafness and Down syndrome can sometimes go hand in hand. Especially when it seems she hasn’t heard what I ask of her-ignoring requests to tidy up,put on her wellies,give me her cup rather than throwing it on the floor,turn off the tv, stop stealing her sister’s snacks from out of her hands and so forth. Well I am more inclined to put all that “non-hearing” down to simply being a toddler trying to assert her own personality after what happened yesterday afternoon. We were upstairs attempting to sort through the sprawling mass of clothes that is the Minis’ wardrobe when suddenly Mini jumped up, yelling “Ice-reeem!” and bolted down the stairs. I followed her,bemused baby sister in hand, and watched as she lunged for the front door handle and upon discovering it was locked, proceeded to do a little angry dance of frustration bellowing “Ice-reeeem” and gesturing wildly at the door. It was then that I heard it-the chimes of the ice cream van doing his daily 4 o clock visit to the estate. Busted my dear darling daughter.B-U-S-T-E-D.It’s not a crappy boy band,it’s you Mini.Because my friend,it’s now clear to me that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your hearing!


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  1. I read this and had a good old laugh – at your expense! These toddlers really know how to work over their parents. Go Mini!!!!

    1. Wow, imagine if they did rule the world. Juice and biscuit breaks every hour and everyone gets to bring their favourite teddy into work with them. I like this alternative world already!

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