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Myself and the Frenchman are not the most decisive of people. It takes us ages to make decisions of any kind,big or small. What to eat for dinner is always sure to cause some stress as we traipse up and down the supermarket aisles pondering our mealtime choices. We have yet to commit to buying a house in Galway as we’re still not sure if it’s the right place for us.We’ve only lived here for 7 years mind!
Some decisions when we finally do get around to making are not the best such as when we opted to leave Vietnam out of our Asian travels,thinking we’d be back in that part of the world in no time and we’d visit it then. 8 years later and it’s unlikely we ll be back anytime soon!

There was also the tale of the first buggy we bought. It was literally the first buggy we saw in the January sales so we bought it. Ours was a travel system with an accompanying car seat, it folded easily,it looked comfortable,it was a bit bulky but it was only 229€. Sold! We wouldn’t be those fools who would part with six or seven hundred for a buggy! What did they know? Turns out they knew a lot more than us!They knew that buying the right buggy is a vital component of stress free parenting. Our speedy purchase arrived via the magic of online shopping in a giant box,which we promptly left in the utility room until approximately two weeks before Mini’s due date when the Frenchman took it out of its mountain of packaging,folded it up and attempted to put it into boot of our car for a dry run only to discover that the bloody thing didn’t fit in our little Clio’s boot!!

Then there was the car we bought in Australia. Slightly blinded to the poor state of the vehicle in question due to an ability to drive a high performance car without any additional insurance premium to pay,we parted company with our cash for a Nissan Skyline with a “boost” button. We felt like we were extras in the Fast and the Furious,until we ran out of petrol due to the malfunctioning petrol gauge which we KNEW all about at the time of purchase!

These are poorly made decisions that cost us money and caused us stress but at the end of the day we were the only ones affected by them.Now any decisions we make have an impact not only on us but on our daughters too.

We recently made the difficult decision on which preschool to send Mini to.I didn’t think it would be so hard,imagining it to be a simple matter of pick somewhere we like and go from there. But that wasn’t quite the case and led to a trial period for Mini at a local Steiner kindergarten,instead of a straightforward acceptance like for the other children.

Mini does what Mini does best-charmed the pants off her fellow classmates and teaching staff and approached every new challenge with gusto. By the end of the trial,she had won over the doubting head teacher and so a place in September’s classroom was offered to her. Suddenly,however,I wasn’t sure this was the place for her. Yes the nature walks and the organic meals seemed lovely but the routine seemed a bit more strict there than at other preschools. Plus there was the whole notion of the trial. What kind of place was this that didn’t immediately welcome my daughter with open arms?

So I started ringing around to try to get her a place somewhere else with not much luck. Most pre-schools were either full or not willing to take on a child with special needs due to in their words a “lack of experience”. There was one we got to visit but it failed to ignite our imaginations. So it falls to Mini to blaze a trail for those with special needs in the Steiner preschool. Where she goes, hopefully others will follow. We hope we’ve picked the right place for our little girl after all she deserves the very best.

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  1. I love the tale of the buggy. You’ll do the right thing for Mini, you’re her parents and want what’s best for her, your love will help you make the right decision and worrying about it just shows that. These are the important decisions, you’ll get that right

    1. Cheers missus, we do have her best interests at heart, so I guess that means they will work out to be the right decisions for her.

    1. It is a great ethos so I am happy she’s there.It would just make it so much easier if she could just tell us if she’s happy to go there or not.She seems happy so that’ll have to do for now!

  2. It will be FINE… As a fellow procrastinator, it’s the decisions you are made to make are the ones you are most uncomfortable with, but I’ve only heard great things about the Steiner school. Love your buggy story… Sounds familiar!!!!!

    1. Thanks Emily-I’ve only heard great things too and I am happy she’s going there just a little stressed out from the whole trial/acceptance thing!

  3. Love the buggy story! I’m sure Mini will do great and perhaps the school needed to trial to ensure the were the right fit for Mini and not the other way round. Look forward to hearing how she gets on

  4. I can understand your reluctance about the Steiner school and the trial. I think I would have felt exactly the same way and would have wondered at the time if it would mean problems with acceptance of Mini further down the line. But I do remember having a wobble about the creche that are little man was going to too and was really unhappy about it but for me, it was just a wobble, and they proved themselves to be just amazing in the end. He loves it there now. I know creche isn’t the same, though. I’ve heard only great things about Steiner schools so maybe its just their inexperience and it’s a wobble on their end too? I have no doubt tthat she’ll sort them all out pretty quickly. She’s a little trailblazer, that Mini xx

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