Mini disagreements on toddler discipline strategy

Ding dong!Round 787 commences.I stand with my back to the wall, eyeballing my tiny competitor. In the red corner an angry toddler,in the blue corner a withered mummy.

the toddler bellows,red in the face,pointing at the object of her desire-the washing machine and it’s tempting array of buttons to press and muck about with. But I have just reset this particular cycle for the fourth time and I am in no mood to reset it a fifth time.

“Nooo ” I answer back, my voice rising in decibels.
“You’re screaming at her again. You only wind her up more when you do that.”
A new competitor has entered the ring. My partner representing France and what I consider to be the “softly, softly” approach to toddler discipline.
I was very kindly asked to write a guest post for Wriggly Rascals-a fantastic resource website for mums- on the sticky subject of disagreements on toddler discipline; something that can be all too common in households where there are little people!
You can read the rest of the article here and see how myself and the Frenchman managed to reconcile our two very different styles and if you have any tips on helping other mums in this situation, you can share them here.

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  1. Fascinated to read about the Frenchman's approach to discipline as I always thought the French were really strict with their kids! I like your agreed strategy though – it's very similar to mine, even though my children are a lot older 🙂

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