Mini Facts

So with the internet being awash with backstories and rumours about the other presidential hopefuls, Mini decided it was time to divulge some facts about herself. So here are the vital facts you need to know about your future President.

Mini doesn’t need 20 TD votes or the backing of 4 county councils in order to run for President by virtue of being so awesome.
Mini can crawl faster than a neutrino.
Mini’s full name is Mini Cutie McAwesome O’Legend.
Mini is the youngest person in history ever to join the EGOT(Emmy,Grammy,Oscar,Tony) club.
Mini is so cool, her dirty nappies consist of nothing but ice cubes.
Mini reads bedtime stories to her parents, not the other way around.
Mini taught Seán O’Brien everything he knows.

On Thursday 27th October, Vote Mini!!

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