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Mini Mini has left the building and by building,I mean bed room.Our bedroom.Our room mate for the past 26 weeks has been evicted.Truth be told we’ve had awful trouble with this one-snoring,interrupting our sleep,partying late, crashing our bed(I may be the tiniest bit at fault for that last one). Breastfeeding is over and she is very nearly doing her nights( Hallelujah!) So it’s time for her to vacate the premises. At the moment we have her in the back bedroom.We were going to move her into Mini’s room but as one child gets with the programme sleep wise,so another decides that after 3 years of playing ball, this sleep lark ain’t all it’s cracked up to be and is now waking multiple times during the night. Go figure!

It’s great as parents to get your own bedroom back. There’s the extra space now available-the cot just about fitted into our bedroom but you couldn’t open the door fully.This was only really an issue whenever Mini woke up as the first thing she does is come barging in to see us,resulting in the door clattering unceremoniously off the end of the cot much to her sister’s alarm. And there’s the chance to enjoy some privacy as mammy and daddy,well as long as it takes for little legs to pump excitedly into the room!

We moved Mini out at 3 months so her little sis has had a good innings. I didn’t particularly want to move Mini out so early but French granny said it was time.And when it comes to parenting,I do everything that woman says. Simply because she has five kids so she is like a parenting guru to me.

With Mini Mini,we held on a little bit longer though,French granny be damned! It is after all the last time she’ll share a room with us.Oh I expect she ll be back in some shape or form-covered in chicken pox or after a nightmare or maybe during a big storm but these will be once offs.

Its a bittersweet moment. Parenting is choc full of em.On the one hand it’s great to see your child progress and become more independent,on the other you mourn for this particular phase of their lives which is now gone, never to return. Who knows if we will ever get the wonderful chance to share our bedroom again with a little lodger?


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  1. A bittersweet milestone indeed! My eldest was moved out on her six month anniversary precisely because I was doing everything by the book, and she slept through that night for the first time ever, and has done ever since. I believe now a certain snoring husband had been responsible for her four times a night waking. But…I enthusiastically moved number two out when she was five months, expecting he same happy outcome, and it was not to be! Anyway, I’m rambling – I’ll stop now. Happy bedroom reclaiming!

  2. Our bedroom carpet still has the marks on it from the feet of our co sleeper – it hasn’t been in the room in two and a half years! Sometimes I look at them and get nostalgic for those days. And the memory of the sleepless nights and exhaustion comes tumbling back. Bittersweet indeed!

  3. I still remember those first nights without them when I used to struggle to sleep because there was no noise. No shuffling, no grunting and no small breaths beside me. I loved it and hated it in equal measure.
    Enjoy your supposed freedom, and the longer walk to settle her!

  4. A milestone indeed! I remember moving mine out and being terrified as I couldn’t hear them. We are currently evicting our 3 year old from our bedroom – again, (daddys decision – i am too soft!) after a recent . Hard work but it is nice to occasionally have our bed back!xx

    1. Yes it’s weird not to be soothed to sleep by all those lovely little baby grunts and squirms and sighs but great to have our own space back.

  5. I kept my twins with me until they were 5 months. It was fantastic and meant I began to enjoy a better night’s sleep.
    I found when they started pre-school quite hard. Hopefully school in Sept won’t be too bad! 🙂

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