Mini Greeting

A small thing this week but it made me smile and for that I am really grateful.One if Mini’s favourite words is “bye”.She says it to anyone who leaves the room,to the postman after he has delivered a parcel,to the therapists,nurses and receptionists in the early intervention centre,to the cashiers at our local supermarket,to the hostesses on the plane,to…well you get the idea,to everyone!

Until recently she had reserved any actual greetings for family,mainly her parents and usually early in the morning,typically around 7am when our bedroom door is flung open and a cheery “hiya!” signals the arrival of our real life walking,talking alarm clock.
Now,however, she has modified this to a cheery “hello” and now extends this same courtesy to everyone outside her immediate circle.
It may be a bit corny but it’s important for me to have a child who’s polite to others.I really value manners and sometimes despair that modern day society is becoming ruder and ruder as etiquette seems to be disappearing in our day to day dealings with each other. I notice in France people seem to be much more polite-there is a “bonjour” issued from every single sales assistant in every store. Not so in Ireland!
Hello there!

So I’m delighted that Mini has embraced this notion of greeting everyone and it’s another word added to her burgeoning vocabulary!

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  1. lol lol i love this age. my little man is so lagging in the etiquette of things! it drives me banana! although it looks like you wont have that problem .. bless her.

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments honey, sorry for the delay in getting to you this week .. my said toddler is a little minx! .. ! 🙂

  2. We have hello or should I say 'ello' here to now. It's like music to my ears so I know how you feel. Ethan has been, sometimes, saying it to anyone we pass and we get a hello back, a word that others can understand! Yay for our little superstars.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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