Mini heart failure

Mini loves to move-every room she enters she plots her immediate escape from. She’s a girl who just loves to go a wandering. We love her independent spirit but sometimes it gives us cause for minor heart failure!

Yesterday, I was finishing up clearing the table after lunch when my mum mentioned how quiet it was in the house. Internal alarm bells instantly set off ringing. Quiet and Mini are two words that don’t go together unless she’s laid up in bed, too unwell to move. A quick scan of the downstairs revealed she was no where to be found. Then I glanced at the front door and realised that even though the keys were in the lock, they were not set to the locked position.

I flung open the door-we live in a busy estate where each house has at least one if not two cars. There are always people coming and going. This is not the first time Mini has escaped, but usually she goes to see the neighbours next door. They were away for Christmas, however, so I knew she wouldn’t be calling “Hello!!” through their letterbox, as she loves to do. On the other side, we are right next to an alleyway which leads into another busy estate. That was my first port of call-but she wasn’t to be found there. Trying to quieten the rising tide of panic that was swelling in the pit of my stomach, I spied a group of lads playing with their new scooters near the front ouf our driveway. I asked them had they seen our little runaway and sure enough they had.

“She’s up there,” one pointed helpfully to a tiny pink figure making her way down the middle of the road to the entrance to the estate and a main road!

“Do you want us to go get her?” another one piped up.

“Please,” I spluttered and they set off on their scooters with me huffing and puffing after them. Note to self-if I’m going to lose another small child again, please let it not be when I’m at my fattest and most unfit, after 7 days of pure unadultereated gluttony!

Eventually they caught up with her and shephered her down to me. She was of course none the worse for wear after her little adventure and not one bit cold, even though all she was wearing was her fluffy pink onesie. My mind was racing with horrific images of what could have happened, but relief flooded through me, sweeping away any anger I felt at her, as I scooped her up into my arms.

We are hopefully moving soon to a new house that will have a gate, so fingers crossed this will just be a once off. One thing’s for sure-there’s no such thing as a relaxing holiday when there are small kids involved!

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  1. So glad you found her on time and thank God for the helpful kids on scooters. I’ve been there, done that and remembering still makes me shudder but by some miracle my two year old managed to cross a really dangerous road unscathed.

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