Mini Jabs

So Mini got her third 6-in-1 vaccination yesterday protecting against a whole host of nasty diseases.Now before I was pregnant, I always said I wouldn’t get my kids vaccinated because I believed the human race are becoming over-reliant on immunization. When I was a mini, I got whooping couch, measles, mumps, chicken pox, you name it I pretty much got it!It wasn’t the most pleasant of times for either me or my poor parents but-shock horror!-I survived!Of course it’s different when concerns your kids. As a parent, your natural propensity to worry goes into overdrive when it comes to minis.

So after much debating, we decided to go for the jabs.Now Mini is a pretty jolly wee soul. Not much griping out of her unless she’s hungry or tired or has a little present for mum or papa in her nappy. No colic from this little lady. But with the jabs, it’s like she’s a spirit possessed. Face purple from screeching like a banshee, big blue eyes overflowing with tears as she looks at us with an accusatory glare-“Why are you doing this to me parents?” And I struggle to come up with a good enough answer.

The 6-in-1 vaccination contains some diphtheria,tetanus,whooping cough, Hib-thats haemophilus influenza B to you!, Polio and Hepatitis B, Meningoccal C and PCV. That’s a whole lotta nasty stuff floating around a little Mini and does she really need protection against all that?I mean, it’s not as if she’s packing her little backpack to go trekking through Central America or Eastern Asia anytime soon. Side effects from the jabs include fever, headache, soreness, swelling & redness in the site where the injection was given.On the other hand, there is always that danger that if you child is not immunised, they are at greater risk of getting the infections when they’re older which could have far more serious consequences.

I’ve included some links here of the argument from both sides. It’s a really tough decision for parents to have to make and one that we agonised over for months. Rest assured though,once you have your child’s best interests at heart, whatever you decide will be the best choice for your Mini.

Acufinder: The Vaccination Debate

Irish Health: Childhood Immunisation Programme

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