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Mini has finally had her psychological assessment.It was supposed to happen shortly after she turned two but with cutbacks and staff shortages it was pushed out.Then with the arrival of a new sibling,it was decided to give her a bit of breathing space and time to adapt to this big life change.
So it happened a few weeks ago and yesterday we got the results. It’s a precursor to an IQ test and will give us an idea of how she’s performing in different areas,see where she’s doing well and also find out where she needs a little extra help.

The test itself consisted of a lot of puzzles to complete and instructions to be followed such as pouring water into cups and selecting a certain item from a choice of three. I felt Mini did well on the day but I’m no expert so I was delighted when the actual results confirmed this!
In terms of language and communication,emotional well being and cognitive ability,Mini is performing at the level of a “normal” two year old. She has a bit of work to do when it comes to her gross motor skills.I found this somewhat surprising as she’s so active and strong I thought it would be her best area. Up until last March,Mini had a monthly physio appointment but then her physio took a career break and no replacement was put in place until very recently due to you guessed it more cutbacks!
The psychologist is going to push for more physio appointments and hopefully this time we ll get them.
But overall we re absolutely thrilled with her progress.
It just shows how far she’s come,how much she’s learned and also how far I’ve come in rejoicing at the fact that she’s around the 2 year old mark developmentally speaking.Before I would have viewed that as a loss of 14 months,now I see it as a gain of 24 months and once again I’m very proud of my little girl.


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9 thoughts on “Mini Progress

  1. This is fantastic progress, and I see progress as a step in the right direction. Well done mini, keep up the good work. I hate how cutbacks stop our children getting the help they need. We have the same issues with SALT.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    1. We have had so many cutbacks in Ireland due to bailing out our corrupt banking system.Our healthcare system is in tatters. It drives me mad but there doesn’t seem to be that much we can do about it unfortunately.

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