Mini Steps

Mini has graduated from a few baby furniture items this week.We put her booster seat for the table into storage.She’s big enough to eat from the table without it now and crucially she can do the vertical chair climb and its reverse motion successfully,so it’s time to move on.
The security gate went into storage too.Mini has been able to get up and down the stairs safely herself for quite some time now.Honest mammy moment-we ve kept the gate up more to keep Mini upstairs than to keep her safe.Its very handy just to close the gate leaving her no way of getting downstairs when she’s protesting her bedtime.The downside of that is if we go down to my parents house,where there’s no gate,it takes ages for her to settle for the night.
So the decision has been made-the gate is gone.It’ll be a period of adjustment again but hopefully a short one and it will help her with learning a new skill. Although I may be praying for the gate to go up again sooner than we’ll need it for Mini Mini just to ensure there’s a proper division between the kiddies upstairs and the adults downstairs!

Another grown up occurrence that’s happened this week comes from Mini herself. Gone is her enthusiastic clambering up the stairs on all fours,replaced by upright walking. She’s decided that it’s a case of Four feet bad,two feet good and is now going upstairs like a pro. Its such a grown up thing to see,her taking the bannister to steady herself and walk up the stairs all without any assistance from us.It’s a great new look for her!


I’m linking up this small step amazing achievement with the lovely Jane of Ethan’s Escapades.

Ethans Escapades

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  1. It is an exciting time to upgrade to the next level of kids furniture but always a little sad too! Frankly though, I can’t wait for “climbing up the stairs safely” moment! You’ve got a real cutie there! x #sssa

  2. Wow you’re brave, our stair gates will be in place for ten years by the time we are finished with them I’m sure. Amazing that she is going up and down the stairs on her own so well, we are still working on this too. Perhaps mini can come and give Ethan some lessons ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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