Mini superstitions

I shouldn’t type these words.I shouldn’t even be thinking these words for fear I will jinx the situation.
Mini Mini slept through the night.Twice.Consecutively.Like as in two freaking nights in a row.Seriously!
So of course I’ve been looking at the conditions that brought about this miraculous state of affairs and I think I’ve narrowed it down to the choice of sleepwear. For the last two nights,she’s been wearing a soft fleecy pjs.Dunnes finest. So far they have paid back their value a hundred times over as you cannot buy a good nights sleep.

Of course,she’s done this before -lured us into a false sense of security.At less than 10 months old,my second daughter is a mistress of deception. Oh yes,we ve been here before-these blissful uninterrupted nights have visited us previously-a sweet taster of what life could be like before the sour reality returns with multiple nocturnal wakings. And each time we have pondered what it was that was the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle-what enabled her to sleep through the night for a brief period at least. Here are just some of the things we thought had cracked the baby sleep code-

Cot position-turned north.
Cot position turned south.
Cot facing east.
Cot facing west.
Bottle before bed.
Bath before bed.
Bottle before bath.
Bath before bottle.
Bottle with some soup in it.
Bottle with all soup in it.
Massage before bedtime.
Baby in grobag.
Baby out of grobag.
Fleece blanket over baby.
Fleece blanket under baby.
Baby sleeping facing north.
Baby sleeping facing south.
Baby sleeping facing west.
Baby sleeping facing east..oh hang on,we haven’t actually tried that one.Note to self-move cot if Mini Mini wakes tonight.
Baby in just a vest in grobag.
Baby in vest and pants in grobag.
Music playing baby to sleep.
No music.
Bedtime story.
No bedtime story.
Face being gently stroked at bedtime.
Singing lullabies.
Bedtime hug from Mini.
Bedtime kisses from Mini.

It’s not an exhaustive list but it’s an exhausting one!If you don’t have kids,you ll probably think we re being ridiculous- and you’re right.But humans are a right superstitious lot. And once you think something delivers the outcome you desire,you tend to invent a ritual around it to make sure the desired outcomes keep on coming. It’s not logical,it’s not scientific,it’s human nature.

So this time,due to this seemingly silly little reason of fleecy pjs, I am once again tempted to believe it’s going to be different.It just has to be.10 months of dark circles under my eyes will it to be so. I’m going to keep on washing these pjs until something else turns out to be the magic solution* for our sleepless wonder.

*Disclaimer-there is no magic solution for getting small kids to sleep through the night. If there was and I cracked it,I would be living on my own private island being fed from solid gold plates by my own personal slaves, taking occasional time outs from such a stressful life to enjoy some cash fights with my huge never ending pile of money.


8 thoughts on “Mini superstitions

  1. Hopefully she keeps sleeping through the nights! We “trained” our first son to put himself to sleep, which then lead to him sleeping through the night because he had learned how to comfort himself to fall asleep. We will see if it’s that easy with my newborn when the time comes. I wrote an article about it if you wanted to know more. Good luck!!!

  2. Yep. Special blanket, tucked up as far as chin, not too high and not too low. Feet cut out of babygros. Snuffle babe on feet. Door 1mm ajar – no more, no less. And then, when it doesn’t work, rethink the whole thing. Oh yes.

    1. Ha h!The door ajar no more than 1mm is all kinds of crazy and brilliant!Kids-they’re awesome but fecking hell do they drive us round the twist or what?

  3. Ah we had 10 months of all of the above, just as we thought we had it cracked, L would throw us another curveball! Finally he slept and we put it down to him starting to walk at 10 and a half months, it’s the only answer we have because they both happened around the same time. ILong may the sleeping all night last for you 🙂

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