Mini Velcro Baby

I’m writing this post using one hand through the blogger app on my smartphone.I haven’t been able to write a post on my computer for weeks.You see I’d need my two hands for that and at the moment my right hand is rather busy carrying a certain little lady.

This little lady loves being in the arms at all times. She hates the Moses basket,has mixed feelings about her playmat and glider and doesn’t sleep for very long in her cot. Her feedings are still only two hours apart at the most,except for during the night when she ll give us(well me!) at least one four hour stretch without eating,maybe two if I’ve been very good!I haven’t figured out if it’s the boob or the body warmth she loves,I suspect it’s a bit of both.
Apparently breastfed babies are like this-they are “Velcro babies” and are very fussy about being in the arms 24/7.I had never heard this term before I attended a mummy and baby group I went to last week and I must admit it suits my little one down to the ground.
Now I find,as with most things in life, there are upsides and downsides to having a “Velcro baby”. I simply don’t have enough hands to entertain both herself and her sister so I feel as if I’ve been lacking in the parental unit department when it comes to Mini.Ive rented a material sling from a local sling library but Mini Mini is not so keen. Plus the bloody thing has so much material and involves so many wrappings and manoeuvres that by the time I actually get her into it successfully,she is nearly inconsolable,she’s been out of my arms for so long.
So theres been a lot more tv recently.And less baths.And less colouring together.And less trying out new foods,which was one of my new years resolutions (must eat healthier as a family-it’s there every January!)because it’s just easier to heat up spag Bol in the microwave for the 100th time when you’ve only got one working hand,which is coincidentally also the number of working hands you need to operate the remote control.
But on the plus side,I get lots and lots of newborn baby snuggles which I’m all too aware won’t last forever.Mini Mini is already 8 weeks old today and it won’t be long before the Velcro begins to detach and curl away and my baby doesn’t need me as much. So I’ll enjoy these moments together while I can,and work on a way of being wholly accessible to both my girls.I’m thinking the obvious solution would be to grow a 3rd hand,yeah?

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  1. Ah I had a velcro baby! Two and a half years later I still have a velcro baby 🙂 I think I might have perfected the art of one handed everything 😉

    Enjoy the newborn snuggles! Such a precious time. Beautiful photo.

  2. Delicious and lovely, but I do know the frustration too! Had five velcros… ! Have you tried a ring sling? I found it absolutely brilliant, so, so easy to pop on over your head, secures them quickly, just very easy! You are doing brilliantly xxxx

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