Mini wake up call

Tomorrow will start like any other day.An early morning wake up call from a tiny pink alarm clock. Then a second alarm,more vocal and tactile than the first.Little hands finding my face in the dark and gently patting it awake,demanding attention.A breakfast of coco pops and bananas squished into the tablecloth. A hurried cup of tea and half a slice of toast for me.So far,so good.

The world has turned on its axis but for the Minis,it’s about to spin wildly out of control.Instead of a leisurely morning spent in pyjamas for my girls and me,I’ll have to don suitable office attire for the first time in over 3 years.
There ll be no trips to the park or indoor play area,no excursions to the beach,no dancing around the kitchen to Robyn,no trying on of funny hats and laughing at our reflections. I won’t be there to pick Mini up from preschool. I won’t be there for her speech and language appointment in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I’m back at work full time.Its the wake up call I have been pushing the snooze button on for years. I’m doing it for my family,for the Minis,for our future together.I won’t be there to spend the day with them in order to make sure we have the days we want.Days where we enjoy a comfortable standard of living,so they want for nothing.I don’t want to do this but I want the best for them and for now,that means being separated for them for most of the day. I just hope they understand.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow! It’s so hard making that move back to work. But the kids will adapt faster than you will. Maybe plan something nice for all of you this weekend to give yourself something to look forward to and to make the week go faster.

  2. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry about the girls, they will adjust and be fine. It’s you though – You’ll be shattered and stressed. But don’t be. Mths new routine will settle down Xx

  3. I don’t know if this was harder to read tonight, knowing you had already finished your first day. I hope it all works out for you and you are happy.

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