Mini wanderings

Mini is mad for moving.If she could,I just know she’d peg it out the door.It’s not that she finds our company distasteful, it’s just this girl was born to run. When she was still in the womb, we used to call her ‘crazy baby’ due to amount of kicks,wriggles and somersaults she would complete on a daily basis. So we knew once she was out in the big,bad world that she would be an active mini, or what her French aunts call a ‘sportif’.

Unfortunately for her, she’s not going anywhere fast as it’s a few months before she’ll be able to stand on her own two feet.This doesn’t stop her from trying, however and she will no longer sit obligingly on people’s laps, preferring instead to balance precariously on tiny feet.
So we wanted to get her a baby walker to give her a taste of true vertical living and some independence. Granny is dead set against this,however, for safety reasons and due to a misguided rumour that these things cause children to be ‘bow-legged’.They don’t although they were banned in Canada-apparently some clever people thought it would be ok to leave their mini unsupervised on the first floor without a proper child guard on the stairs. Go figure!
Bottom line i think is like with all toys or furniture for minis, a bit of common sense needs to be used. So supervise your child and follow the guidelines-short periods at a time-don’t be leaving your mini in them all day and avoid use near stairs!
So we’ve settled on slight compromise-a baby doorway bouncer. It’s hilarious, she looks like a mini stunt woman but loves the new sense of freedom.Like the walker, they’re only supposed to be used for short periods, up to 20 minutes at a time only. Mini’s enjoying it so much we might be following this with a walker…just don’t tell Granny!

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