Mum to Mini-the one way conversation.

The following are just some of the things I say to my 15 month
old daughter on a daily basis.

-Please don’t wake up too early.
-Please eat your cereal.
-No,I don’t want any,thanks.
-Please don’t throw your bowl on the ground.
-Please don’t sit so close to the t.v.
-Please don’t lick the t.v.
-Please don’t pull out the cables from the back of the
-Please don’t eat the cables.
-Please don’t try and roll off the changing table.
-Please don’t try and dive off the changing table.
-Please don’t pee again until I get your new nappy on.
-Please don’t pee on me.
-Please don’t put your foot in the poo.
-Please don’t grab the nappy full of poo that I ve foolishly left on
 the side of the table.
-Please, please don’t start throwing that full nappy around the room.
-Please don’t arch your back when I’m trying to put you in your buggy.
-Please don’t throw your toys out of the buggy every five seconds.
-Please stop licking the kitchen floor.
-Please eat your dinner.
-Please don’t wear your dinner on your head.
-No,I don’t want any thanks.
-No,really,it’s all for you and it’s really yummy,so eat… please!
-Please don’t pee on your pyjamas as I change you.
-Please don’t try roll over when I’m trying to zip you into your gro-bag.
-Please don’t knock over the video monitor from the end of the crib.
-Please don’t start chewing the monitor cable.
-Please go to sleep!
She’s lucky she’s cute,that’s all I’ll say!

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