N to the O to the Nooooo!

Now that the words are coming thick and fast from both the minis,it seems we’ve entered the dreaded “Second No” phase. This is similar to the “First No phase” where the negatives spew forth from the cherub lips of your little darlings like in the following all too common exchange:

Small child”Mummy, drink!”

Me: “Would you like milk?”

Small child:”No!”

Me: “Would you like juice?”

Small child:”No!”

Me:”Would you like water?”

Small child: “Noooooo!!!”

Me:”Would you like a kick up the bum?”

That last one is said in my mind..sometimes. No, the “Second No Phase” refers to the refusing to acquiesce to the wills of a small child, which usually occurs once they have mastered a certain amount of vocabulary-usually all of their favourite things. It is most prevalent in tired and stressed out parents as they attempt to navigate the potentially loaded supermarket aisles while doing the weekly shop. 

“Mummy, ice cream?”








It seems Mini has come up with her own novel way to get what she wants. Today, after refusing to give her ice cream at the umpteenth plea, she turned on her heel and fled to her happy place, or the outside to you and me. As I was sorting out laundry, the following words floated up through the open bedroom window to me:

Mini: “Ice cream?”

Mini: “Yes please!!”

Mini: “Ok!”

Say what you will about the little lady,she is nothing if not determined. I nearly gave in to her heart felt request but refrained due to it only being 9:45 in the morning. Thank God preschool is starting in a few weeks as it’s only a matter of time before she’d have chipped away at my remaining parental resolve not to have ice cream for breakfast. Plus it’s very hard to say no to this face!

I’m gonna get that icecream!

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  1. You said no to that cuteness? Wow! I am sure that if you google it you can find ice cream is actually a perfectly acceptable breakfast option somewhere??

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