Nerja-the perfect weekend away

Combination of photos featuring landscapes from NerjaWe are just back from what I can only describe as the perfect weekend away in Nerja. It was a short break of sun, sea, sand, tapas, and great mates. Crucially, it was a break away sans enfants, made possible by my amazing mammy, the minis’ Super Granny.

Nerja is a small coastal town located 45 kilometres to the west of Malaga. The temperature was a comfortable 28 degrees on average by day, and by night it was still warm enough not to have to wear a cardigan (I love that!)
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Healthy Snacks Organix Giveaway

Organix Healthy Snacks Finger FoodIf there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a parent, it’s that snacks are an absolute must when you’re out and about with kids. Kids are grazers and having snacks at all times means there is less whining (they can’t give out when their mouths are full you see!) You obviously don’t want to be dependent on sugary snacks to keep them happy. We love small berries, chopped up grapes, rice cakes and healthy snacks. These healthy snacks have the added bonus of making me feel a tad bit better about my parenting, especially as the minis have a less than stellar diet. Both my girls have been big fans of Organix healthy snacks, especially their berry rice cakes and carrot sticks.

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Running-five simple steps for getting out there

Running girl silhouetteI’ve been jogging running now for the past 2 years. It all started when a mate was making plans to celebrate his 40th. Come to Dingle for the weekend says he. Grand so says I. He then proceeded to reveal his evil plan-a 40th weekend celebration that included running a half or full marathon. Needless to say I opted for the half marathon-21 kilometres or 13 miles in old money. I’ve gone from feeling out of breath after a mere 10 seconds of running to being able to run a full 2 hours 14 minutes non stop. And if I can do it, anyone can!Here are my top five tips for mastering the art of running:

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Superhero child’s birthday party at home

Does the notion of planning a child’s birthday party at home strike you with terror? It was Mini’s 6th birthday party recently. We had decided we’d do it at home. We have the space
and she gets a real kick when people call to the house so it seemed like a natural choice. Except of course, having to be responsible for other people’s kids puts me in a state of mild panic. And I had never organised an event for kids before. What would they do? What would they eat? How would we manage?

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Medical Card Breakthrough for Children with Disabilities

In a week of horrendous cover ups and massive let downs, there’s been a chink of light in the form of  a medical card breakthrough for kids with disabilities. This is  a massive achievement for their families who have been campaigning for years to secure medical cards for their children. This week, the Government has announced that the Bill to provide children with disabilities with medical cards has been published. The final step in the process is getting the legislation passed by members of the Oireachtas.

Our much beleaguered minister for Health Simon Harris said he looks forward to working with all sides of the Oireachtas “to pass this legislation as quickly as possible” and fingers crossed that’s what happens.

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Top things to do in Bristol for kids

Last weekend was midterm break for the minis. Rather than a trip down to Granny in Limerick,we decided to look further afield for adventures new. Friends of ours recently moved from London to Bristol so we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to visit them and their 18 month old who we’d never met!

An early morning flight meant we touched down at 7:40 a.m. so had the whole of Saturday to enjoy. First stop was the at- Bristol science museum.

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Ireland’s Best Drives-Caherlistrane to Killary Harbour

Small child sitting in boot of car before drive

Chill Insurance recently got in touch wanting to know about my favourite drives. They wanted to know about the hidden gems, the hotspots, the places I love to drive to. In this little country of ours, we’re blessed with gorgeous landscapes, which makes for fantastic drives. Much has been made of the Wild Atlantic Way with news that Hollywood actor, Matt Damon is on the look-out for a lighthouse he can buy just so he can be close to it.

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