Mini Flyer

So last week was Mini’s first trip on an airplane and seeing as how we are set to be inhabiting this little island on the edge of the Atlantic for some years to come, we wanted to make sure it was as much of a pleasant experience as possible for her so she wouldn’t comeRead more

Mini Congrats

This evening, Mini concedes defeat in the race for the Áras and congratulates Michael D on becoming the ninth President of Ireland. It’s been a hard fought campaign and Mini would like to take this opportunity to thank her followers and friends for all their support over the past few weeks. On a positive note,Read more

Mini Item of the Week

Super cute personalised soft toys,towels and blankets available to order from Paris based compnay Doudou et Compagnie. This website can ship the items anywhere in Europe for a flat rate of €16.50.Check it out on * *Some knowledge of French required-dust down that Collins Mini-Gem school dictionary!!!

Mini Wardrobe

Mini has a lot of clothes.Fact. As the first grandchild,great-grandchild & niece on BOTH sides of the family the words ‘spoiled rotten’ don’t even come close to describing her! She has more clothes in her wardrobe than I do. So much in fact that some outfits she only gets to wear once before she outgrowsRead more