Minis and Mum

Mini Item of the Week

This is super cute and makes a great gift!It’s a little imprint kit allowing you to capture a mold of your mini’s wee hands and feet. Suitable from birth and available from mothercare stores nationwide or

Mini supporter

Dual nationality-handy when one of your teams gets knocked out of the World Cup. Will have to work on getting her a smaller size from somewhere!

Mini Jabs

So Mini got her third 6-in-1 vaccination yesterday protecting against a whole host of nasty diseases.Now before I was pregnant, I always said I wouldn’t get my kids vaccinated because I believed the human race are becoming over-reliant on immunization. When I was a mini, I got whooping couch, measles, mumps, chicken pox, you name

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Mini Sneeze

Mini takes unbelievable pride in all she does.Just look at the satisfaction level upon producing her morning sneeze. Now imagine this kind of dedication and enthusiasm applied to every decision made as President. Vote Mini!!

Mini Facts

So with the internet being awash with backstories and rumours about the other presidential hopefuls, Mini decided it was time to divulge some facts about herself. So here are the vital facts you need to know about your future President. Mini doesn’t need 20 TD votes or the backing of 4 county councils in order

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Mummy Item of the Week

Choosing the right changing bag can be a bit of a minefield. Mums want it all-a stylish bag that has enough compartments for bottle/nappies/changing mat/napy cream/nappy bags/soothers/change of mini clothes/wallet/keys while remaining compact not clunky! It needs to be waterproof and also spew/splatter proof while still presenting a sought after design. I heart this little

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