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Ireland’s Best Drives-Caherlistrane to Killary Harbour

Chill Insurance recently got in touch wanting to know about my favourite drives. They wanted to know about the hidden gems, the hotspots, the places I love to drive to. In this little country of ours, we’re blessed with gorgeous landscapes, which makes for fantastic drives. Much has been made of the Wild Atlantic Way

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Netflix Fix Update

It’s the summer, it’s raining so here are our recommendations for the best shows currently streaming on Netflix to stop you from climbing up the walls and get you binging on quality entertainment!


It’s late in the day. Your sister has already turned in for the night,dreaming of  visiting far away lands with Shimmer and Shine and adventures with Dora the Explorer. You have little notion of falling asleep,however,and most definitely not without your human teddy bear.

Escape Reality with Netflix this “Spring”

It’s February, which is traditionally viewed as the first month of Spring in Ireland. Well, they could have fooled me! It’s bloody freezing and we’re getting battered left, right and centre by innocuous sounding weather fronts like Henry and Imogen (two monikers that have been stricken off the completely hypothetical future kids name list!). I’m looking to

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