Parents United

You see us in supermarkets and in doctors’ waiting rooms and perhaps you feel pity for us and our children. You may look at us and think you would never be able to do what we do,think you would never be strong enough to cope,but you would for we were once just like you and we have learned that being different is not such a bad thing.

You may think our children are closer to God for mankind must always invoke the presence of a higher power to assign a meaning to that which he does not understand. Rest assured,our children are not angels although they do have wings with which to carry us when it seems as if that we can no longer carry on ourselves.

In truth,we are the same as you though our nights may be a little shorter,our days that much longer,the bags under our eyes that little bit heavier.

We are parents just like you with the same hard struggles that parenting brings but with subtle differences. We repeat instructions a thousand times over instead of your 200 or so validations.
Our car trips back from crèche and school are not filled with enthusiastic youthful conversations but frantic nods and sometimes gentle “ahs” and “oohs”,sometimes emotional yelps.
We must be on alert at all times as crayons,snacks and games will only hold the attention of our would be escape artists for so long.

Our intention is not to rock the boat,nonetheless we must fight for things that come naturally to you and your children. We fight for inclusion,for acceptance,for tolerance and understanding. We fight for a better world not just for our children but for yours too.

You may think of us as super parents but there is no “s” on our chests,nor cape billowing behind us in the wind. We are simply getting on with the task at hand,just like you. And just like you we have our good days and bad days. And so do our children-they laugh,they cry,they hit,they bellow and scream and hurl themselves on the floor and we pause to pick them up and on we go again sometimes with your tut tutting and heavy sighing burning our ears and your sad head shakes blurring our vision.

A little patience,a little understanding is all we ask of you,our fellow parents and thus our partners in crime for parenting is a hard enough skill to master without having to compete against each other.


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  1. I don’t think I pity you when I acknowledge you life, having a friend with a Down syndrome fully grown boy, but I do look at you and read your posts and register that life for you is not plain sailing.
    However having four ‘normal’ children I would like to add that not all ‘normal’ children are easy either.
    Great post from a great mom, with plenty food for thought.

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