Review-Colorines Wonderful Customized Mugs

I’m a gal who likes her tea-it helps me wake up in the mornings, it warms me up on cold days, it gives me comfort when I’m feeling down.
To compliment the product, I love the package it comes in-I have many cups and am convinced that certain ones do make the tea taste better.  I have a whole press dedicated to tea and its many receptacles. I have 50c clay mugs from French bric-a-bracs, delicate china cups from vintage charity shops in London, lovely big rounded mugs that fit perfectly into my hand, chipped cartoon hero mugs from my childhood, the list goes on. One thing I didn’t have is a mug with my name on it. Until now that is!!

Now as you may know I don’t normally do reviews on the blog but when the chance came to add some personalised mugs from fellow parenting blogger Colorines Wonderful to my bulging press,I jumped at the chance. Everyone needs a little splash of colour in their lives and these little mugs are the perfect way to achieve that.

They arrived on another cloudy,grey Galway morning and instantly brightened up the day-a welcome respite from the toddler who wouldn’t stop screaming at me and the baby who wouldn’t stop vomiting all over me.  One for each member of the family.

You give Colorines some personal details about you or the lucky person you’re buying the mug for, and she creates a wonderful visual story to accompany you and your favourite brew on your sleepy mornings, chilly evenings and those all important caffeine breaks! Mini was particularly chuffed with hers and opened her box to squeals of Peppa, Peppa, Peppa!The simple white background provides the perfect setting for the cheerful drawings, allowing the colours to really pop.The mugs themselves are sturdy and dishwasher friendly-a very important feature for busy mamas and papas out there.

And best of all, I can guarantee that tea scientifically tastes better in these gorgeous mugs!*

*I may not actually be able to scientifically guarantee this but it tastes bloody good all the same!
Get yours hereDisclaimer(cos these things are important apparently!): I was sent these mugs for free for the purpose of this review. I paid for postage.


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