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I was recently contacted by US site minted to review some of the products on their site. On first glance, I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen. It’s a fantastic smorgasbord of stationary,cards,arty gifts and more taking the best that’s on offer from local artists and also allowing you to personalise your own highly stylised items.

I love sending cards to people and one of the highlights of the run up to Christmas for me is sitting down with a glass of wine in front of a blazing fire to write the Christmas cards. The Frenchman prefers to send out New Year’s cards, as is the tradition in France and I can’t think of a better way to start gloomy January than with a flurry of cards wishing you well for the forthcoming year.

There are birthday cards, Christmas cards, baby shower cards, birth announcement cards and loads others on offer. Basically any occasion you can think of, minted have you covered.

Regular readers of the blog will know that we are in the process of buying our first house. We think we’ve finally found one-a little bit further out from Galway city centre than we imagined but you just can’t deny the value for money you get out in the sticks! It’s been a process that has been stressful to say the least.Who knew that choosing a family home,imparting with your entire life savings and being saddled with 30 years of debt could be so anxiety ridden? There’s been toing and froing with the various banking establishments involved, requests for paperwork that would put the running of a small nation to shame and we’re run into even more problems now that we’ve actually found a house we love. We’re hoping all will be resolved early in the new year but it’s a stressful time for our little family.

The light at the end of the tunnel is hopefully, not an oncoming train but our very own abode. One that’s ours and no one else’s. One that we can put our own stamp on,decorate it how we like.I’m already dreaming of shelves-shelves everywhere!Shelves that are out of reach of tiny,prying,destructive fingers. Shelves that can carry frames and ornaments and lovely pretty stuff. In minted, I’ve got the utensils I need for my blank canvas. Move over Ikea-I’ve found a new black hole for the pay check!

Let's home we get to order these real soon!
Let’s home we get to order these real soon!

The site itself is uncluttered and very easy to navigate. I’ve complied a wish list of items from minted that I’d love to see in our new abode,whenever it is that we manage to get our mitts on the keys!

The girls bedrooms

These bedroom door signs are charming.I’ve picked out a rabbit themed one for our bunny mad Mini Mini and a royal one for Queen Mini. They can be personalised with your own choice of colours and of course the all important name.

The living room

Photos,photos,photos.I have thousands of photos.Unfortunately most of them are in digital format.That’s one thing that will be going on the New Years resolutions list is to print those photos!Get physical copies of them and the get them into photo albums and onto walls. Mintedhave some lovely frames to add and again the personalised option is here.I love this print and think it will look great in our new living room.

One of many lovely prints I hope to see hanging on our new walls

The dining room

I’m dreaming of a large table in our new house where we can entertain guests. These table runners are beautiful and will add a touch of glamour to dinner parties, if we manage to get visitors to come all the way out to us!25 kilometres isn’t that much of a trek right?


 The officeJournalFront-spiral

Top of my New Year’s Resolutions is to write more. I have been rather slack of late when it’s come to both my blog and my other writing projects. I have lofty ambitions to be writing every day and have a headful of 365 day projects I’m hoping will see the light of day. One thing that will help me achieve this goal is the humble notebook. Minted have gorgeously designed covers or once again you can personalise them yourself. Nothing like the sight of a friendly face to spur you on to glory!You can also upgrade your notebook to feature addresses and a diary planner.

The bedroom

There is a myriad fabrics on offer from the site too. I have grand designs to make my own cushions and throws next year. If I somehow do manage to scrape together the time from somewhere, these are just some of the gorgeous patterns I’ll be picking!


Check out the other great gift and stationery options available from minted. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I was given a $100 voucher for in exchange for a review of the site and its products. All opinions, however, remain my own honest to God ones.

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    1. Thanks Tric!Getting itchy feet now-really want to get things sorted as soon as possible but it’s out of our control at this stage.

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