The power of words

A short and sweet blog post this week about the magic of words. How we use them makes a big impact on even the smallest of our day to day dealings with other human beings.The right words can bring an instant smile to our faces, the wrong ones can cause the mental defences to be raised and negativity to shroud our conversations.

I was at a hospital appointment this week and an indepth medical history was being taken by the nurse. One such question was did I have any kids, leading to what ages they were and did they have an illness or disability. My reply was “Mini, age 2,Down syndrome” while I braced myself for a possibly well meaning yet horribly ignorant standard sympathethic response. Instead the nurse surprised and delighted me by taking a different route.
“And how is she getting on?I bet she’s getting into everything.”

“Yes, she is,” I replied, relief flooding through me as me mental defences stood down.

“I bet she’s not letting it stop her in any way.”

Damn right she isn’t.

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