Vanish-it's the little things (Review)

As a parent, you are always on the look out for something to make your life that little bit easier. Even words get abbreviated-breast feeding becomes BF, attachment parent gets truncated to AP and so on until you become well versed in the land of acronyms, including ones that you’ve made up yourself. They may not exactly trip off the tongue but they are ones that you will remember forever. One such one we use at Mini HQ is AFAQL or Anything For A Quiet Life.

I use this phrase A LOT. I cringe when I hear myself say it as it feels like such a cop out but sometimes-ok, ok, a lot of the time!-I just can’t help myself. Like recently, when we had a long car journey with two crabby little misses. We stopped for petrol and the minis were looking for ice cream and because the sun was shining that day, we acquiesced to their request. Moments later I wish we hadn’t as this was what greeted me when I turned back to check how the girls were getting on with their chocolate-I know of all the flavours we could have chosen!- cones:


12047511_10153669875304066_1937549072_nChocolate, chocolate, everywhere!! Even on Monsieur Lapin-the much maligned bunny that goes everywhere with Mini Mini.

So a chance to review some Vanish products came at just the right time! They have some great stain removing products including an innovative Vanish Gold Powergel. You simply rub the product in with the handy rolling head applicator. Leave it to soak for a few minutes and add to your wash as normal.

The Oxi-Action Gold stain remover is top class too. Add a scoop to your wash or for very stubborn stain, you can add some neat to the stain and leave it to work its magic et voila, it’s as good as new! Another tip I found was to use a toothbrush to get some extra elbow grease to lift those nasty stains.

photo 2

Mini Mini’s bib and best friend bunny were filthy after that particular car journey so I was delighted with how they came out of the wash like-as good as new!

photo 3

Check out Vanish for some great stain removal tips. There’s a wealth of information on their site. Now, if they could only come up with a stain solver for toddler wall art, they would make my life even easier!

Disclaimer-I was provided with some Vanish products to review, however, all opinions remain my own honest to God ones.

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