10 Random Things

The lovely Lucy at Learner Mama has got a great linky going on this week where she shares a few random nuggets of great parenting info and advice.They are things she’s learned since becoming a mama. She asked for people to join in so here in no particular order of importance are my Top 10 random things I’ve learned in my 3 years as a parent.

1. Once upon a time, someone in their infinite wisdom decided that the first solid foods to be introduced to babies should be orange-carrot, sweet potato, etc. Stains of an orange hue do not come out easily in the wash. So bear this in mind when dressing your baby appropraitely for weaning.  A binliner should suffice.

2. A combination of toothpaste,an old toothbrush and some serious elbow grease gets rid of toddler masterpieces on walls without lifting off the paint.Although if anyone has a quicker alternative please let me know!

3.Babies and small kids accumulate a lot of plastic.They re happy enough to play with said plastic but their favourite toy is you,a parent who is happy to spend time with them.Trust me,they will never get bored of you!


4. Nappies must be secured very tightly in order to stem the flow of a dreaded spinal shite (where the poo goes up the back,sometimes even as far as the neck!) or sneaky poo down the leg.Unfortunately not even the tightest of nappies can always prevent such occurrences.

5. Just because a child wolfs down a particular dinner one day,it’s no guarantee he’ll like the same dinner the next day!Small children have rather precious taste buds that can take issue with a whole host of things we adults would never consider such as how certain food is arranged on the plate,whether you are serving the food on the right plate and how you have cut the food. Failure to follow the exact instructions (which are liable to fluctuate on a near constant basis at the discretion of your tiny dictator toddler) will result in meal time meltdowns.

6. The warmth from a tiny baby nestled on your chest is the most comforting thing in the world,even better than a great cup of tea.

7. It may be a remote control, a lego block or a hairbrush to you but when a toddler puts an object to your ear it’s a phone and must be treated accordingly.

8. Babies make a lot of noise when they sleep. Snoring, burping, farting-they’re not afraid to let it all out. They are definitely the loudest roomates I’ve ever had and that includes my time at college during RAG week.

9. When parenting a child with special needs, you will hear all about what people think you child can’t do but you will quickly learn to only think of them in terms of what they can do. This will define your relationship with them and help you to celebrate their achievements all the more, especially when they prove the naysayers wrong as they so often do!

10. No matter how hard the previous day was,no matter how many tears were shed and no matter how many times you felt like giving up as a parent-these things will be forgotten in an instant when you are greeted with a beaming smile from your baby first thing the next morning.



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  1. Great list, wish I had known that about the toothpaste 😉 Yes that little baby cuddled into your shoulder obliterates all other not so nice factors associated with parenting

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