7 awesome things about babies

20140509-205022.jpgI am more exhausted and worn out than I have ever been in my entire life.We are some distance away from attaining the parenting holy grail that is having our child sleep through the night. In a word,sleep deprivation sucks. I feel like a shell of my former self, a zombie lurching through life, one awkward social interaction to the next. The power of speech eludes me, I am quick to anger and just cannot seem to function as a human being.  This is an example of a dialogue between myself and the cashier in a cafe that occurred over the weekend. Some background information-I’m getting a sandwich and tea for myself and a bottle of water for Mini.

Me:”I’m having the tuna wrap and a tea and water please.”

Cashier: “Tap water ok?”

Me: “Bottled please.” Then I notice that the bottle of water the cashier has put her hand on is made of glass and I remember that glass is not the best thing for a toddler to be drinking out of. My addled brain tries to convey this information as succinctly as possible but the actual words that come out of my mouth are-

“Um, no actually, I don’t like glass.”

Cashier: “Okaaaaaay. So tap water then?”

Me: “Yes please.”

These kind of misfiring conversations occur on a regular basis. As the parent of a small baby,I am still me but a poor imitation of me. I am reminded, however, through the current baby boom that is happening in the ranks of the Irish Parenting Bloggers of just how lovely and amazing and mind-blowing it is to have a baby of my own. And I’ve been lucky enough to experience this twice. So here are some of my favourite things about babies that make up for the whole not feeling human thing.

1. The way they smile in their sleep. This happens pretty much straight away.I like to think once they close their eyes and drift off, they re remembering the happy time they spent all snuggled up safe and warm within the womb.

2. The way they get so ridiculously excited to see you. Tiny legs pump energetically up and down and arms flap like crazy as soon as you appear at the top of their crib. It’s a great ego boost to know that you are loved so much.

3. Their tiny tiny feet and the ridiculously cute and unnecessary tiny, tiny footwear we insist on putting on them.

4. The way it’s so very lovely to have a little person to love.  Everyone tells you how amazing it is but until your own child is placed in your arms for the first time, it’s impossible to know just how much your heart will swell to accommodate the all consuming feelings you have towards this brand new tiny human.  A tiny human you have helped to make. It’s a whole new level of love.

5. The way they blow raspberries. It’s just ridiculously cute.

6.The way they smell. A hard one to describe-it’s kind of like if nature made talcum powder-that’s what babies smell of-newness and freshness and promise all rolled into one. It’s intoxicating.

7.The way they greet every day with a smile.Yes you may have unwittingly fed them rancid milk with their breakfast cereal the day before, or accidentally hit their head off the car roof as you were trying to strap their wriggling body into the car seat but babies don’t hold a grudge.Today is a brand new day, one they can’t wait to share with you.

What things do you love about babies?

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  1. It’s so great that you are staying positive despite the sleep deprivation. I can’t even. Imagine how exhausting it would be to have both a toddler and a new baby. It sounds like you are doing an awesome job!

  2. Lovely post, and well done in keeping yourself cheery through the unrelenting tiredness! What I love about tiny babies:
    – they way they can mould their bodies, from the head down, into the part of you between your ear and your belly, and cuddle you senseless
    – the way they look at you when they are born and you feel like you’ve known them all your life, let along theirs
    – they way make your own parents feel, and you feel about 100 times taller because of it

    1. Yes to all of those!Especially feeling like you ve known them all your life.I can’t remember life without my girls. It’s like they ve always been here!

  3. Lovely post. I love the warmth of a tiny baby asleep on your shoulder, and the little pursing their lips together they do as they start to wake, Oh, and the stretches as they wake, and the smiles in the morning. At 11 months I get “OU(T) MAMAMAMAMAMAMMAMAMAMAM!” as my greeting.

  4. Some lovely observations here. I miss the general cuddliness and unconditional love babies have for their parents. They grow up so fast – enjoy the experience and cherish those memories! #weekendbloghop

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