A mum who…?

Mother’s Day is upon us again (who else feels like this year is zipping by?) I always thought Mothers Day was a nit naff, a bit of a hallmark holiday until I realised it proceeds the card making company by a good few centuries. Its roots lie in religion and it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, hence its travelling position on the calendar.

This year marks the third year that I celebrate Mother’s Day as a recipient rather than participant only. I was in Easons yesterday browsing for cards for my own mum,taking note of all the descriptions printed on the front-special mum,best mum,kind mum,wonderful mum and it got me thinking-

What kind of mother am I?
First off, I’m known by a whole host of names.Sometimes Mammy,sometimes Mum,often maman and recently I have become Bawboh for reasons only known to my first born.
I am not a very creative mum-I harbour lofty ideals of making fabulous arts and crafts with the girls.Maybe someday this will become a reality but for now it’s just paint on paper and chalk on blackboards.
I’m a mum who never misses an opportunity to shower my girls with kisses, feeling what I lack in technical ability, I make up for in affection.
I am not a very patient mum and I shout and lose my temper a lot more than I should. I’m trying desperately to address this situation and change it for the better,but like most aspects of my parenting,it’s a work in progress.
I am a mum who always takes the time to read a bedtime story even if my children aren’t listening because I feel I owe authors and storytellers so much and it’s surely payback time.
I’m a mum who’s trying to have it all and not really succeeding thus far but wondering if any mum out there truly believes she’s found the right balance of work,family life and what you do in between?And if there is can she sell me her formula?
I’m a mum who’s learning every day,learning to bake,learning new responsibilities, learning to slow down,learning to enjoy my time with these fab little creatures who I call my daughters.
Most of the time I think I’m doing a crap job but then I wake up to a scene like the one that greeted me this Mother’s Day and I feel like I’m supermom.

And what kind of children am I mother to?
Well I make dark haired girls of blue eyes flecked with hazel and framed by long,full black lashes.Curious girls who are full of smiles and chat. Girls who seem to have limitless amounts of energy,for whom sleep is not an option even after hours of being on the go.
Girls who are stubborn and determined and free spirited.
Girls who remind me of me,even though I won’t always admit it!
Little girls who have big personalities.
Little girls who I am so lucky to have as daughters this Mothers Day and hopefully for many,many more to come.

So Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies, mammies, mums, mammas and moms out there. And also to the grannies, nannies, mammies and nanas. And a big thanks to the daddies who make us feel like we are doing a great job, even though we may feel at times like nothing could be further from the truth.

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