A pox on both our houses

It’s been a poxy start to the New Year. I had hoped we’d be in our new house by now, but alas we are still in “flatland”. Having been looking at houses on and off for the past few years and having been through the wringer with the actual mortgage application process, which took numerous tries and four whole months to get us to the offer stage, we thought the worst was behind us. We found a house we loved, in an area we loved, put an offer in which was accepted back in November. Visions of painting and decorating danced in my head as I looked forward to what I was sure would be our last Christmas in rented accommodation.

Fast forward six weeks and we are no closer to having the keys to our new place. An acrimonious divorce for the sellers of our dream house means their solicitor is having difficulty getting them in the same room to sign the contracts. Which means we are at a total standstill. I have a tonne of boxes lined up in my long defunct office, ready to be filled with all our crap(and we have a LOT of crap) but they remain empty and useless. I’m afraid I’ll jinx things if I start packing and the longer things drag out without any certainty,the more anxious I get. We have three months to draw down the funds for our mortgage or we have to go back to the start of the whole process. I feel as if we are caught in some kind of limbo and it’s starting to affect me mentally.

I know we are incredibly lucky to have been approved for a mortgage while so many other families are struggling and have become homeless but it’s driving me crazy this not knowing.

Adding to the metaphorical poxiness of 2015, there has been some actual pox to enter our house. This time of the avian variety. Yes chicken pox has darkened our door. It started out with a few little spots breaking out on Mini Mini’s forehead amidst jokes of her having eaten too many choccies over Christmas. Then her temperature spiked and the spots began to spread…

We knew it was coming, having received a text late on Sunday night advising that some of the children from Mini’s kindergarten had been struck down with the pox over Christmas and knowing from previous near misses from the virus that the thing has an incubation period longer than the average hold time for a customer services call to UPC, or 21 days to be exact.

As for the patient, well so far,there’s minimal itching and just a mild fever, to be honest it seems to be bothering her not one jot. The real fun and games have yet to begin, I fear as for now her older sister remains spot free but being bigger (and bolder) the odds are that Mini will get a stronger dose. Having consulted the oracle that is the IPB group, I now have an arsenal of tools to combat the dreaded pox. Pox Clin, available in pharmacies nationwide, is an antiseptic mousse that fights itching and prevents scarring. It’s not cheap at nearly €16 but worth it if it works. Old school methods include the tried and tested baking soda baths and I loved this Pox Bomb idea from The Busy Mamas.

Photo reproduced with the kind permission of thebusymamas.ie.
Photo reproduced with the kind permission of thebusymamas.ie.


Another option I wasn’t aware of is there is now a vaccination available against Chicken Pox. It costs €70 and can be administered by your local GP. I personally wouldn’t plum for this as while I am 100% behind vaccinations for serious diseases, I don’t think it’s a good idea to eradicate them entirely. Chicken Pox for kids is often no more than an inconvenience for them and those around them and usually once they get it, they never have to suffer through it again, although I know of a few unlucky souls who’ve had it more than once.

Today is the 6th January, or Little Christmas and as I’m packing our decorations away for another year, I really hope that the next time we put them up, it will be in our own house, which will preferably be pox free, decorated just how we like stand full of smiling faces!

Spotty but still smiley!




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